Cocos-BCX Whitepaper

Project Objectives

In this WhitePaper, we introduce the concepts and implementations of Cocos BlockChain Expedition (“Cocos-BCX” or the “Platform”), a platform for the development, operation and management of decentralized applications (“DApps”) and the circulation of in-app assets (“dAssets”) on blockchain. The Platform includes: (1) A development framework that supports multiple operating systems and blockchains. (2) A data-driven IDE for dApps that is fully scripted and component-based. And (3) A blockchain system and essential functional components for high performance applications based on the improved Graphene technology framework (“CocosChain”). Cocos-BCX enables developers to program, debug and release blockchain-based dApps and hybrid applications. Meanwhile, the platform integrates a blockchain-based distributed ledger system, crypto wallet system and digital assets circulation platform, allowing the permanent off-chain storage and cross-chain use of in-app assets. Phase-I Objectives

It is from the needs of developers and users in game industry that we started to design the initial version of the project, since the game is one of the earliest and largest field for blockchain application. The technology, products, economic system design and use cases discussed in this whitepaper are based on the application scenario of game.

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Cocos-BCX Whitepaper