SDUSD Whitepaper

The huge price volatility is the biggest obstacle for Bitcoin and other digital currencies to become a
generally accepted means of payment. At the same time, a large number of decentralization projects
are hard to be accepted by the market due to the fact that they use self-issued price-fluctuating tokens
as a tool for value transfer in the ecology. An encrypted digital currency with a stable purchasing
power, namely a stablecoin, is needed to solve these problems.

There are three existing models of the stablecoin solutions including the fiat reserve model, the
Coinage model and the digital asset mortgage model. However, none of these models and related
stablecoin projects has a perfect mechanism to deal with the key issues such as a stable supply of
stablecoins or a long-term stability mechanism. Alchemint innovates a fourth one – an open
stablecoin platform based on the hybrid model. It is a global solution for the development of
stablecoins in the medium and long term.

In the early stage of blockchain development, Alchemint mainly empowers commercial institutions
through the fiat reserve model which will enable them to issue stablecoins to meet their own
ecological and application needs. With the continuous advancement and maturity of blockchain
technology, traditional assets will be able to be mapped to the blockchain. Meanwhile individual
information including human credit and behavioral big data will become part of personal wealth and
be preserved as an asset on the blockchain. Under the gradual trend of asset tokenization, it is
estimated that more than 10% of global GDP will be preserved on the chain in the next three to five
years. In this situation, stablecoins issued by individuals through digital asset mortgages will
gradually replace the stablecoins issued through the fiat mortgage model and become an important
means for global circulating currency issuance.

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