Save Environment Token Whitepaper

The famous quote of John Muir encapsulates the two central ideas of our company – Universe & Connectivity.
Save Environment Token or SET, as it is commonly known is a cryptocurrency token that provides sustainable solutions to the
three most widespread problems of our world today, namely,
– Environmental Pollution
– Climate Change
– Obesity & Unhealthy Lifestyle

Our company SET Environment and Technology Solutions Technology Pty. Ltd. has come out with an ingenious solution of providing innovative Eco-friendly products which reduce the carbon footprint and/or improve the lifestyle of individuals making them healthier & physically fit, through a De-Centralized Open Source Blockchain Platform.

We have created a global ecosystem through our blockchain platform with cryptocurrency tokens (SET), which basically provides solutions for
– Entrepreneurs who need different types of funding for development of eco-friendly products
– Businesses who want to use our platform for marketing & selling their eco-friendly products to like-minded individuals across the world
– Creation of innovative public-private programs with government authorities of different countries to promote our company ethos mentioned above.
– Marketing & Sales of our company manufactured eco-friendly products across the globe

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Save Environment Token Whitepaper