S4FE Whitepaper

S4FE is a freely accessible, blockchain based technology dedicated to the protection of property, information and other assets worldwide. It provides a global network for the registration and recovery of lost or stolen property.
Fast, efficient and anonymous, it serves the following important functions:
• It enables users to register assets they wish to protect
• It enables buyers to search an international database to check whether objects are reported lost or stolen before purchasing
• It rewards those who identify lost or stolen property
• It provides a secure platform for reward transactions
• It acts as a global deterrent to theft and the trade in stolen goods

The Problem
Despite advances in information technology, there has never been previously a robust, global, readily accessible mechanism for reporting lost and stolen assets. Nor has there been a reliable platform for checking – in real time – the true ownership of many items offered for sale. As a result, the re-sale of many stolen items has gone unchecked and unreported. The victims of theft have traditionally been able to do little else but report the details to local law enforcement bodies and the prospect of recovering lost or stolen items has often been very slim. Only criminals have benefited from the inadequacies of the existing infrastructure. The problem is compounded when lost assets are suspected of crossing international borders. Different jurisdictions, laws, database formats and access rights have all hampered the development of an efficient, global framework for exchanging ownership data. Consequently, the process of determining ownership has been fraught with delays, complexity and frustration.

The Solution
S4FE is a user-friendly technology that enables the real-time identification and reporting of lost and stolen items. It’s data is accessible worldwide.
• Owners of valued assets can register them, as a safeguard and a deterrent against theft.
• Those who wish to buy an item of questionable provenance can verify its status before purchasing.
• Those who identify a lost or stolen item can use the S4FE Reward Program to report it and claim a reward.

S4FE therefore acts as a deterrent against crime. It supports the work of law enforcement bodies, and it incentivises people to play an active role in the recovery of lost or stolen property. It operates efficiently across international borders and its blockchain technology enables users to remain safely anonymous at all times.

How it works
S4FE is a global network based on blockchain technology for the registration of (stolen or lost) property, i.e. valuables or objects. The network is accessible to everyone and allows users to register, search, verify and identify objects in the blockchain. Such objects can represent almost any form of property that represents value to owners.

S4FE has developed an easy-to-use interface through which users can perform the following functions: • Register property / objects in the network anonymously • Report theft or loss in real time • Make stolen goods recognizable to all users worldwide • Check or identify found and offered items • Report stolen or lost items on the network • Rewards for discovering and returning of objects

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