Halo Platform Whitepaper

Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency usage is increasing at an exponential rate. Halo Platform
aims to be a keystone of the crypto ecosystem by creating a robust, fully encompassing
platform that fuses the finest parts of the cryptocurrency world together. This in turn
will make everyday life for the beginner, amateur, or veteran crypto user easier in many

The team has a vision of expanding the nature of cryptocurrency with a constantly
evolving platform that grows with the needs of the users. This serves the people, and
derives its value from the respective success of each user on it’s platform.
Each individual in the Halo Platform represents a new link in the ecosystem, creating
strength and value within a safe platform and utility. The side effect of helping them
with their own growth and promoting their own self-interest, is that it in turns creates
additional value to and growth from using the Halo Platform.

The deployment and maintenance of Halo Platform will be orchestrated by top-tier
cloud consultants who are leaders in their field, empowering everyone with solid crypto
management capabilities. The security and cloud-based load balancing will also bring a
new, refreshing aspect to traders and investors looking for uninterrupted market

The Halo Marketplace and Business Tools features add a smart and empowering
dimension to the crypto ecosystem. The Halo Token Hub additionally will allow users to
create their own tokens in a safe, secure, and consensus-driven environment for quality

The Halo Platform will be served by its own low-latency blockchain which will utilize a
Zero-Transaction-Fee protocol so that when a user sends 1 HALO, the other party gets 1
HALO, period. These advantages, coupled with highly unrestrictive smart contract
deployment limits mean that our blockchain can provide for a seamless experience
between platform features and creates almost endless opportunities for new ones.

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Halo Platform Whitepaper