RIF Token Whitepaper

Context and Vision
A message from our team
The document you’re about to read introduces The Root Infrastructure Framework Token (the ‘RIF
Token’) and The Root Infrastructure Framework Open Standard (the ‘RIFOS’). As described in
further detail below, the RIFOS aims to bridge the gap that exists today between Blockchain
technologies and its mass-market adoption. It is also designed to help and enable existing and future
Blockchain projects find the best way to really create solutions using decentralized applications.
This document is not a technical whitepaper, but rather a summary of our vision and how we
propose to implement it. We chose this approach because, aside from the value that can be attributed
to technical whitepapers, we believe that showing a working product is an even more powerful
statement of what we can achieve. RSK Labs’ reputation as a global pioneer in Blockchain
technology speaks to that end.

The first RSK technical whitepaper, published by our Chief Scientist Sergio Demian Lerner in
November 2015 (the “RSK Technical Whitepaper”), described the first fully functional smart contract
platform secured by the Bitcoin network using a side chain with merge-mining (the “RSK Smart
Protocol”). This whitepaper is available for downloading here.

Since November 2015, our team has continued to deliver on that initial vision, opening the Test-net
version to the public in May 2017 and the beta Main-net version in January 2018. The latest
information about the current state of the RSK Smart Protocol can be found at www.rsk.co.

Today, the RSK Smart Protocol has become a global project, led by an international team that aims
to serve the global community. We are in awe to see how far our initial vision has grown, and we are
now focused on sharing our vision and motivations for launching this new phase, with the hope that
our community will be inspired and will help us fulfil it. Our goal is ambitious, and in order to
achieve it, we will build on and leverage the work done by RSK Labs. This is just the beginning of
our journey, and we sincerely hope that we can continue to rely on the support and contribution of
our amazing community around the world to help us take the adoption of Blockchain technologies to
the next level.

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Rif Token Whitepaper