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With the launch of Bitcoin, it was possible for the first time to digitize money completely and securely. 10 years later we are still at the beginning. States are now dealing with this technology, but no significant steps have been taken forward.

The Blockchain technology finds its first projects in the industry, but not much has happened here. Many concepts but not yet a mature product characterize this area. Public opinion on cryptocurrencies is “wait”, neutral or rather negative. On the one hand, this is because information about these opportunities is not usually communicated neutrally and objectively, and, on the other hand, there is no trust in society because there are virtually no tangible values. The largest share of crypto currency users is in finance. Cryptocurrencies as a way to earn money make up virtually the entire market. True real values, for example, payment options in everyday life with acceptance points for crypto currencies are very few. The future of cryptocurrencies, however, will have to be based on real values. Only those crypto-currencies that create trust, and that are acceptable or actually usable will remain in the market. All others, that is, more than 90% of all cryptocurrencies lack exactly this added value.

The future of cryptocurrencies lies in an almost untouched market. Namely that of acceptance and usability in the broad masses.
The cryptocurrency, which is the first to build a large-area network with acceptance-points infrastructure, which is also simply and safely usable for everyone, will massively influence the market over the next few years, because only the crypto currencies with high confidence trough humans will be used.

The current market situation can be compared with that of the introduction of the credit card. In the beginning, the users were still hesitantly, but with time passing the usage started growing. Today you may pay for almost all goods and services with credit card. In the near future you may also pay for these goods and services with cryptocurrencies. The basic requirement for success is that it is well implemented and easy to use.

The markets may work digitally but only through the people behind them!

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Centauri Whitepaper