QuinAds Whitepaper

Quinads is an advertisement platform with blockchain based where we can create many
contents in a form of video, picture, text, and also allows us to socially interact and
rewarded by cryptocurrency. Quinads combines social interaction and cryptocurrency.
Every user can create an interesting content and everyone who reacts to what they read
or seen will get a reward. So that it is expected to gain attention and transform into a big

What is Quinads? Quinads is an advertisement platform with blockchain based consists
with contents of video, picture, and text. Quinads has ERC20 token named Quinads token
(QUIN). Quinads wants to be the pioneer of Indonesia’s advertising by utilizing blockchain
technology and the development of cryptocurrency which is getting so much better in the
world and Indonesia for specific. The advance of this technology has encouraged people
to compete in creating the most brilliant idea that beneficial to the whole involvedcommunity within.

How Quinads can benefit the whole involved-community? Every member who join in the
Quinads will be given a QUIN as a reward if they are performing the sign of interaction
such sharing, commenting, or giving like to the content within Quinads.


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Quinads Whitepaper