Fountain Whitepaper

Mission and vision
Fountain is a block-chained content ecosystem based on Proof of Contribution. Through a set of clear proof of contribution rules, blockchain technology is used to record the contributions of all participants. After accurate calculation, tokens are awarded to all participants. This will effectively motivate people to participate deeply in a content community application and the entire ecosystem, contributing to their strength.

With the constant growth and development of the ecology, Fountain has a rich content community application, and the author, readers, curators, IP investors, block nodes, application developers and many other roles will be taken from the token. Their income. The ultimate realization of our vision: a win-win, sustainable content ecosystem.

The core concept of Fountain stems from the problems of traditional Internet content community applications: users of content community applications have made great contributions to the community, but they have not been able to obtain effective contribution credits and rewards.
For example, content community applications such as Twitter (Weibo) and Quora (Zhihu), a large number of users have made the following contributions to the application:

User-contributed original content
Users contribute their own time for reading and vote to the high-quality content.
Users contributed their own comments and commit to community activities
The application has been developed in the process of user contribution. The app has gained billions of dollars or even billions of dollars in market value, but it has nothing to do with most users, which is manifestly unreasonable. I believe we all have the same example of empathy:

You are an author on Quora. During the year, you have created many quality posts, and your post has received a lot of approval. Obviously, you contributed to Quora. One year later, you left Quora for some reason, but you didn’t get any proof of contribution and reward.
Imagine that there is a Quora built on Fountain. In the same situation as above, when you leave Quora, you can get 1 million tokens based on the proof of contribution. In the circulation market, the value of 1 million tokens can be 10,000 dollars.

Which is more reasonable? Which Quora would you choose?

Therefore, we came up with Fountain’s design principles: a relatively fair contribution should support any participant who contributes to the development of the community.
It can be seen that the core of Fountain is how to design an open and transparent proof of contribution rule, which we call it PoC (Proof of Contribution). We will explain in detail in the PoC mechanism section.

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