PUBLYTO Whitepaper

In the media content industry, many innovative blockchain based projects emerged. It all happened recently. Start-ups, MadHive and Truth presented or released platforms designed to promote transparency and fairness on media advertisement contents via blockchain, and Poetet and Steem gave UGC (User Generated Contents) the innovative economic value. In some parts, blockchainbased media companies gathered to build AdLedger consortium.

Who will be the new game changer in the media contents industry?
Commonly, the interest of blockchain media companies are focused on cryptocurrency rewards, open ledger, decentralization and settling their own consensus algorithm and token economy. Various concepts and technologies such as dApp, platform, and protocols are conjoined, and several entrepreneurs are aligning in the one direction to the magnetic field where there is a strong oasis called the independent cryptocurrency ecosystem. A legacy, which includes wandering direction without receiving the benefit of new technology, exists in places where these entrepreneurs have left to seek decentralization. It means that there are legacy medias who couldn’t even get on board on the change of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, which include personal blogs and social blogs where more than 5 million posts are published, social medias, presses, magazines, shopping malls, etc. Users who have experienced the new age called cryptocurrencies and rewards have enlightened themselves and they are slowly moving their places.

Recovering coexistence Humans are selfish to preserve themselves, pursue pleasure, and avoid pain. Meanwhile, humans are selfless in a way that they become interested in other’s happiness. We frequently witness groups of chimpanzees who trim their hair. Also, there is a common phenomenon. When a chimpanzee asks for food, the other chimpanzee shares the food it was eating. There is a correlation between these two. If A trims B’s hair first, it is more likely that B would share its food with A. On the other hand, if B asks A for food even though A trims B’s hair, A will refuse. It means ‘they are willing to help others only if the others have helped them’. Likewise, so called ‘free riding (selfish act that one only receives without sharing)’ species will face difficulties in surviving. This truth is commonly used in all social relationships such as between people, people and groups, and groups with other groups. Impatient legacy medias in a rush, social media companies who can’t get away with their greed for a monopoly on profits, and users who turned away from them. What are ways to recover the coexistence while maintaining the relationship without all of them having to engineer the closed cryptocurrency reward system, discard the legacy, or being against their greed for money?

Yes! Plug-in!
Let’s connect with PUBLYTO plug-in which allows cross-media, fair and unified rules, easy installation, and recovery of legacy. With different technologies, UI, and systems among media platforms, we can build the unified standard while connecting the line of content distribution. Building a dApp has a high technical barrier for regular users who want to introduce the cryptocurrency reward system. Meanwhile, companies with long history must bear quite a lot of opportunity cost. Without smart contracts, consensus algorithm, main nets and other complicated tasks, if we copy and paste the embed link or scripts, the procedure to install plug-in will be as easy as inserting an USB driver to a laptop.

Multilayered Source of Revenue
Reward pool is partly assigned during token distribution, or it is secured as the increment issued by annually inflating 1 to 10% from the total token issued amount. Since we cannot guarantee that all token values will accelerate and lead to the bear market, if the token value does not meet the increasing speed of users, a reward system may lose the core function to reward fairly. Bars make more money from selling food than alcohol. On top of content rewards provided to publishers, curators, and commenters, PUBLYTO secures additional profit pool to provide opportunities to hold advertisements and funding. If one wants to add more traffic to contents, one may ‘Buy’ plug-in advertisement accounts installed in the popular contents through real-time bidding system by using PUBLYTO tokens. On the other hand, because other publishers become the owner of medias who hold advertisements, they take the most portion of selling profit from advertisement accounts. Unlike the reward pool which occupies a portion of the total token issued, the total token issued becomes the profit pool, thus correspondingly leading to more and larger transactions. This definitely is an advantage when compared to other tokens that depend on reward pools in terms of its size and consistency when building a stable economy. The ecosystem of PUBLYTO is far beyond the regular benefit called contents and comment rewards. Rather, it is a fertile land of opportunity where content creators can actively make sales as owners of media.

Accelerators of PUBLYTO, Chosen by influencers from 137 countries, Envicase
Until the vision of PUBLYTO was defined, Envicase has put its best to have shoppers or influencers who lead the media content market flow into the user layer. Envicase is a community where shoppers boast pictures of items they owe and share reviews. It was first launched in the US market and expanded to the European market. Currently, it has stable user bases in 137 countries over the world. For it is a community where active and unique publishers from fashion, beauty, and living fields gather, it will be the major engine to lead the token economy as the dApp of PUBLYTO network.

How far should we go?
PUBLYTO users can easily install plug-in at any UGC (User Generated Content) types such as personal blogs, social blogs, and communities. Furthermore, they can hold rewards and funds. Users can even create profits through User to User based advertisement transaction. If plug-ins like Tumblr, WordPress, etc. are applied by users, each individual media is instantly tied into a relationship between PUBLYTO and dApp. The destination that PUBLYTO is heading is not the UGC market but is the corporate media content market. Companies can secure a new source of profits with PUBLYTO plug-in rules through PUBLYTO smart contract and API for companies. Furthermore, social media companies are applicable for obligation rules so that editors and journalists working for companies can have source of additional income other than regular benefits. In this sense, it is not too much to emphasize the vision of PUBLYTO which aims to become the legal international standard (ISO) of the entire media content market as the blockchain based personal profit making network and to publicly be certified as the practical standard currency of the media content market.

PUBLYTO Whitepaper