Mindol Whitepaper

The MINDOL project aims to revitalize Japanese subculture worldwide

Japanese government recently has raised a reconstruction strategy, a promotion of the “COOL Japan strategy,” as one of the major strategy to reconstruct Japanese economy. Japan’s subculture is commonly referred to as “geek culture” or “otaku culture.” It is now well-known throughout the whole world with the spread of the Internet, and it became a powerful content of “cool Japan” . According to Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry survey, the market size of the content industry such as Japanese movies, animation, TV programs, music, games etc. is said to be about 12 trillion yen. However, this is only for the domestic market. It is also said that the scale of the market spreading on a global scale is tens of times that.
For example, more than 230,000 visitors from all over the Europe come to “Japan Expo,” a festival of Japanese culture which is held every year in France and other countries as well. Japanese subculture is now becoming famous every year that even Stephen Spielberg, who came to Japan this year excitedly mentioned that the “Japan’s pop culture is my favorite, the best!”

Based on such global trends, the MINDOL Project will be creating new contents in the fields of “Cool Japant” – subculture and pop culture such as animation, movies, games, cartoons, and music. In addition, we will manage and operate the project safely and securely, using blockchain technology.

MINDOL is the new currency for the world of “subculture market.”

In MINDOL project, we have raised 3.8 billion yen (approx. 42 million dollars) at a private sale which was conducted in Japan. Therefore, we have already started launching many activities as planned in this paper. However, in order to strengthen the content production with higher quality and further speed up the project, we will be holding a last token sale for foreign country investors.


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