Pledge Coin Whitepaper

Pledgecamp is a next-generation crowdfunding platform that incorporates blockchain technology for security and accountability.

• Backers gain a decentralized escrow mechanism which protects their funds
• Creators receive wide-ranging project support and lower platform fees
• Platform Users can earn token rewards as they help the platform succeed

The Pledgecamp team has previously raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter and have become among the top 1% most-funded crowdfunding experts on the platform.

This paper outlines a new crowdfunding ecosystem that introduces a Market Network for hiring services and a Knowledge Center for crowdfunding research. A two-token economy with Pledge Coins (PLG) and Camp Shares (CS) powers the platform and compensates users for their contributions to the ecosystem.

The design objective of this economy is to align the incentives of all participants in the network. This is accomplished through security features such as Backer Insurance, and through the design of the Token Economy.

We hope you can discover our vision in reading this paper and join us as a future user. Please make sure to always review the latest version of this paper and other official information only from


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