BHEX Token Whitepaper

As more people are getting involved into blockchain world, number of token holders are growing constantly, which implicitly pushed up token prices. FromSep 2017 to early 2018, the market cap for all tokens reached 400 billion USD.This groundbreaking blockchain revolution and the associated money-making opportunities are attracting more people and capital into the industry, which induces the creation of more blockchain projects and tokens.Trading platforms, being at the center of blockchain infrastructure, grew rapidly and exponentially accordingly. Meanwhile, they are facing serious issues andchallenges. In order to serve the fast-growing user basis, trading platforms need to match the user experience and security of their counterparts in traditional financial sector. However, this seems to be a long-term goal, given that the crypto trading industry is still lack of even basic industry standards and third-party supervisory; whole industry is still at very early stage, featured by chaos.Most recently, a number of crypto trading platforms shut down due to security and technical issues. Meanwhile, thousands of new crypto exchanges are emerging, among which many of them are lack of very basic theoretical and practical experiences. Consequently, the solutions these exchanges provided are full of security and credibility issues, causing huge losses to investors. This further hinders the development of the whole blockchain industry into the right direction. Moreover, even the more established crypto exchanges suffer from the inabilityto prove asset security and their own credibility, due to the absence of industry standards and third-party supervisory. There is literally no mechanism to protect investors and crypto asset issuers.Thus, we believe that it is crucial to establish a whole new crypto trading ecosystem, whose credibility and security should be comparable to that of the existing financial trading system. Only then crypto trading platforms could potentially support the future development and revolutions of the whole blockchain industry with a truly reliable infrastructure and mechanism.

About BHex
BHex is the crypto trading platform built on top of the Bluehelix family technology solutions. BHex founder, Mr. Ju Jianhua, is the ex-CTO of Huobi; founding team is formed by experienced professionals from traditional financial sector and top IT companies. Whole team devote to reform the existing crypto trading ecosystem, based on multiple years of traditional financial trading system development experience and first-class blockchain trading platform operations background. BHex founding team developed the Bluehelix decentralized asset custody and clearing technology solutions, based on blockchain technologies and community consensus mechanisms. Combining cryptography and blockchain technologies, Bluehelix solutions fully support a decentralized association managed system from a technology perspective; the solutions help build a credible and efficient asset custody and clearing system, which then solve the issues of credibility and security in the industry. Furthermore, the Bluehelix technology solutions consolidate the infrastructure for the industry and set milestones for industry standards development for the future.With the help of Bluehelix technology solutions, BHex trading platform is equipped with comparable level of business, technology and supervision abilities to that of traditional financial solutions. Admittedly, BHex trading platform can serve its customers with superior level of credibility and security. Apart from this, BHexadopts an innovative virtual broker model, better serving its business partners. BHex also seeks to develop new business, fully compliant to local regulations, around the world by introducing innovative and bespoke derivatives products. BHex is also featured by its openness. It is designed to be a truly open platform, adopting SaaS cloud computing model, based on Bluehelix protocols embedded on underlying structure. The openness and virtual broker system design let business partners focus primarily on marketing and user growth, avoiding heavy upfront costs in technology development, security management and liquidity creation.

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BHEX Token Whitepaper