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Provided by the Internet, the virtual world is a world of information
space. The current virtual world is still at the level of an imaginary world
with a given theme such as a game, which can be a representative—
MMPRPG. In the future, artificial intelligence, computer graphics and
human-computer interface will be further integrated to achieve the
migration of human beings to the virtual world. Without a so-called center
and border, we can go beyond time and space limitations in the virtual
world. Therefore, the trading of all kinds of virtual goods may replace the
physical transfer of goods. Blockchain technology supports the “transfer of
ownership” of virtual goods. For example, substantive transfer of
“ownership” of virtual props within a game, as well as virtual currency used
by social networks may be recorded on the blockchain. The Foundation
aims to develop a smart contract for the purpose of the trading of virtual
goods so that in the future, humankind may realise the legal rights of all
virtual goods which lack physical embodiments. One must base oneself on
the present and focus on the future and it is clear that as the post 90s and
00s generation grows up, they have subverted the traditional consumption
understanding about virtual goods. Especially in the field of games, all
varieties of skins and props have come out endlessly and the value of
purely virtual goods are now recognised by mainstream consumers.
Among a variety of games, we have chosen the ACG dress-up game,
which has great potential, as the starting point in order to enable the rapidlanding
decentralized games to become the first users of virtual commodity
trading agreements

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Pixie Coin Whitepaper