MARK.SPACE Whitepaper


MARK.SPACE is an open-source platform for the creation of
3D/VR spaces and objects of any purpose, as well as their quick
launch and integration into a unique ecosystem. The platform is
maintained by a crypto economy and is powered by Blockchain.
MARK.SPACE supports all Internet browsers (preferably
Chrome) and, at the same time, is compatible with CardBoard,
Oculus and HTC Vive. A desktop PC or notebook is all that is
needed to create a state-of-the-art VR store, office, community
or other space for business or entertainment.
The MARK.SPACE universe consists of multiple VR spaces
(units), in which each unit can be linked directly to its own
top-level domain. The property right to the units is guaranteed
by recording all transactions involving units (creation, sale,
purchase or rental) on the Blockchain. All unit owners may buy,
sell or rent their units to others using smart contracts.
MARK.SPACE has an internal currency – the MARK token (MRK),
which is a utility token (not a paper bond) allowing all users to
sell and buy VR spaces and objects, consume various goods and
use services, pay salaries to their employees and to buy ads to
promote their businesses through the MARK.SPACE platform.
GPU-miners who will be rendering VR spaces and objects for
the platform’s users will also receive rewards in MRK tokens
(Proof of Work (PoW) Concept).

MARK.SPACE Whitepaper