P2P Global Network Whitepaper

Our System
Peer 2 Peer Global network specializes in helping those who come across unexpected financial lose when they become unemployed. By using the latest Blockchain technology combined and trigger executed smart-contracts, P2P has become the first blockchain based platform to use crowdsourcing to validate and award funding to address the financial strain of unemployment. We do so in a simple, trusting and secure way.

All it takes to receive P2P benefits is to purchase one of our low-cost membership plans with P2P tokens, that accrue value until you need it most. Upon the event of job loss our process is simple! Members simply submit proof of their unemployment within the P2P application, and click submit. Next a secure Smart Contract will evaluate the authenticity of the application, and validate that the requirements have been meet. Lastly, a Five-Member Peer Consensus Team will answer a short questionnaire and payment is delivered.

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P2P Global Network Whitepaper