Fast Access Blockchain Whitepaper

Scalability is one of the major bottlenecks in public blockchain platforms. While the successful operation of Bitcoin, Ethereum and similar systems has inspired great enthusiasm for blockchain technologies, the transactional capacities are severely limited on most of the blockchain platforms that are available. The most popular platforms – Bitcoin and Ethereum are able to handle no more than seven to fifteen transactions per second.

This level of performance is unacceptable for enterprise level applications. Almost any business application will exceed the transactional capability of the existing blockchain platforms. Simple applications like ecommerce websites need more capability and more intensive systems and supply-chain automation or Internet of Thing platforms will never be able to perform at business level speeds with what is available today.

The very nature of public blockchain p2p networks are constrained by nodes whose functions and degree of participation may differ significantly. Most experts agree that that there is no simple way to break through this barrier by working with the base system and instead another solution must be pursued.

There seems to be an ever increasing demand in the enterprise sector to use Blockchains for the underlying processing of business applications. This makes the quest for a solution to the transactional performance issues critical, while still maintaining the benefits gained from using blockchain platforms.

This paper proposes the Fast Access Blockchain network (FAB). FAB is a complete solution for constructing a practical public blockchain ecosystem with high scalability, effective security, reliability, decentralization and the flexibility to develop multiple application types.

FAB is based upon a dedicated underlying protocolized framework design, middle layer smart contract enforcement, and an upper layer functional architecture implementation. It will allow blockchain technologies to succeed in real commercial use cases.

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Fast Access Blockchain Whitepaper