MoneroV Whitepaper

MoneroV is a community-led project designed to create a limited supply hard-fork of the Monero cryptocurrency to a new scalable blockchain algorithm. The idea is to create a decentralized environment in which professional developers chosen by the community, enhance, simplify, and develop MoneroV to scale for mass use. The original Monero vision was to create a private digital currency; however, a conservative, centralized core control of few and slow development process prevents new users and technologies from being incorporated.

A more rapid development process based on bounty programs that will allow new people around the world to participate, will potentially make MoneroV the first private digital currency used by millions of people with open endless development possibilities. In addition, MoneroV will adhere to core Austrian school of economics principles by capping the total MoneroV coins that can be created, parting with Monero’s infinite coin supply structure.


MoneroV Website
MoneroV Whitepaper