Electronic Energy Coin Whitepaper

Are you an energy producer and are forced to sell your energy at a low price?
Are you a business owner and the energy cost is more than you can bear?

E2C is the latest blockchain platform designed to provide a solution to this problem. It was

developed by using ERC-20 infrastructure for easier market adoption and compatibility. Once the platform is more mature, we will transition into Proof-of-Stake system to make our platform fairer and, at the same time, more ecological-friendly. Two hundred years after the invention of electricity, humanity continues to encounter global problems related to it. Electricity is excessively expensive but what is worse is that millions of

people around the world still don’t have access to this vital resource. This is the purpose behind our platform. E2C allows people around the world to trade electricity easier and in a more cost-efficient manner while simultaneously helping to build a

greener and more sustainable future. We understand that generating and producing energy is difficult for many. We are developing a new generation of solar panel that is lower in cost and take up much lesser

space. The current way we produce electricity is not sustainable, cost-effective or healthy. What the world needs now in the face of this is to move the revolution into the mainstream, a model for energy trading that gives people around the world the power of a co-created

energy future. That platform is E2C.

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Electronic Energy Coin Whitepaper