Machine Xchange Coin Whitepaper

Machine Xchange Coin – Powering the decentralised global IoT data network
Devices or “Things” are truly remarkable, within just 10 years the IoT data market will experience a sensational increase of over 462%. Comparatively speaking, in 2030 the global population is expected to be 8.5 Billion, however in the same year, there’ll be over 125 billion devices connecting to the Internet* resulting in massive network congestion. (*Source: IHS). This Data generated today is already pushing 3G / 4G to the limit. Wi-Fi doesn’t have the network capacity to cope with the colossal increase of Device generated Data. Wi-Fi networks have reached a tipping point. Device Data is growing at a dramatic rate, as things continue to make our lives easier the current network facilities are struggling to cope, by 2025 will be 180 ZB.

The MXProtocol is a remarkable solution, unmatched by any other IoT device data offering on the market.


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Machine Xchange Coin Whitepaper
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