Block-Logic Whitepaper

Who is Block-Logic
Block-Logic Technology Group (Block-Logic) was established in June 2018. Block-Logic is a reinvention of the Bitcoin Lightning project formed in late 2017. After a community vote for a new and broader
Committee team to take over, the project was re-branded and launched as Block-Logic to better align with its vision and goals. Today the Block-Logic Committee consists of developers and team members
from every corner of the globe, all working towards the Block-Logic mission.

Block-Logic’s Mission
Our mission is to bring the benefits of Blockchain and distributed services to Consumers and Small to Medium Enterprises. We will transform these technologies from catchphrases to a usable set of
services that will add incredible value to our customers. By developing a decentralised Ecosystem, Block-Logic will bring to market products that are easy to access, use and migrate to in addition to
being simple/easy to administer. These products and services will extend the use of Blockchain in ways consumers are not able to today.


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Block-Logic Whitepaper
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