M2O Whitepaper

Since the Bitcoin opened up the horizon of cryptocurrency trading, a variety of cryptocurrency has emerged and
been developed dramatically with its growing cryptocurrency ecosystem day by day. As various Altcoins, including
Ethereum, have emerged, various cryptocurrencies have gradually evolved into self-issued cryptocurrencies by emerging
technological companies. The foundation for this development of cryptocurrency ecosystem was the Blockchain
technology, and a number of new industries are emerging based on the application of Blockchain technology.
The ultimate goal of the M2O project is not just to stay in a cryptocurrency ecosystem but to build the first Blockchain
technology-based platform that can be used and commercialized in real economy. The M2O project, where mileage and
blockchain technology meet to create new opportunities, will bring added value to platform users. The “Mileage and Points”
appearing in the M2O project can be used in transportation, accommodation, and retail shops around the world. By reproducing
them again into mileage and points, we will create an ecosystem that allows users, merchants, and businesses to achieve a
virtuous cycle.
The M2O project is promoting global alliances as well as the development of specialized financial services owned by the
platforms in order to convert and transform its digital assets into a single unified point by leveraging its blockchain-based
FINTECH technology.

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M2O Whitepaper