INMAX Whitepaper

Cryptocurrency trading is gaining more popularity, particularly during the last few years. Many platforms have been there in the market. Unfortunately, many of them fail to meet what the customers really need in trading. Yes, every trader needs an advanced but user-friendly trading interface as well as professional but low-cost platform. In other words, simpler digital asset exchange means many things, like:
• User-friendly interface
• Reliable platform
• No downtime or lagging
• Low-cost fee models
• Fair trading fees
• Simplified withdrawal system with low-cost fee
• Faster KYC/AML verification process and registration steps
• 2FA Features
• Improved transparency
• Responsive customer services

INMAX comes as a novel cryptocurrency trading platform with the abovementioned advantages. This is an Asian-based digital asset exchange, which focuses on the ultimate customer experience in many ways. Founded by PT. HAFIZC KOIN ASIA – a company that has so much experience in cryptocurrency trading, INMAX offers a simpler but more advanced platform design and high-quality customer support. These made INMAX a dependable, faster, easier, and safer trading platform.

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INMAX Whitepaper