Lunes Whitepaper

The technology of blockchain is one of the most promising that exist today, ranging from smart contracts to the creation and commercialization of cryptocurrencies.

In the last few years, this market has been expanding in a surprising way, solving several problems with its decentralization and speed. Today, it is possible to make several records, payments, and even raise funds for companies by using this technology.

The cryptocurrency market has already surpassed the value of renowned companies such as Facebook and Amazon. Cryptocurrencies are not only only a solution for depreciating currencies, such as USD, but also for our daily life. For being decentralized, safe, fast and low (or no) cost in transactions, these currencies exceeded the value of US $600 billion at the end of 2017.

Although this market is in constant and wide expansion, most cryptocurrencies have a complicated process of acquisition and negotiation. The wallets offered today are often poor in terms of usability, and they offer few resources.

With all these obstacles, the experience for new users becomes diffi cult and creates unnecessary uncertainty. Many users end up in fear and avoid this market as a whole due to the risk of being scammed. The Lunes Platform is a solution to the complications.

Lunes has the resources for anybody interested in the crypto world, ranging from beginners to advanced users. Its design was created to facilitate and offer practicality, simplicity and intelligence.


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Lunes Whitepaper