Jewel Whitepaper

Jewel was made to dispense the limit between the exemplary trading market and the Digital currency market. In view of three stages, Jewel enables you to play out a wide range of budgetary exchanges with both fiat cash and digital money. A change from fiat cash to crypto coins and the other way around still introduces a specific trouble and this way the customary market with an everyday turnover of 5 trillion US dollars and a multi-billion crypto advertise are as yet isolated from one another. In such a manner, troubles are made for fiat holders and other advanced resources.
Our undertaking enables our financial specialists to deal with their funds on the same stage, which spares them from such issues. Beneath we portray in more detail the items, our vision of the task, a few subtleties and approaches to actualize.

In the present market diamonds are an unpredictable resource since they are not compatible, so there is a major hole between worldwide money related markets and the diamonds eco system. Dissimilar to different valuable resources, it is hard to have a solitary advanced trademark, on the grounds that most of the assertions in the diamonds eco system are private understandings. Diamonds are themselves not equivalent to one another in many qualities and the very idea of liquidity is hard to credit to these diamonds. Furthermore, diamond exchanging from the earlier happens utilizing fiat cash. For dealers these tasks are inaccessible and, in this manner, there is no comparing on the web stage for making such exchanges.
Underneath we depict in detail our vision of how to beat a change from the present circumstance in the diamond market to a future model of web based exchanging with such a novel budgetary resource like Jewels.

On account of the Diamond Computerized Testament innovation, our Jedex stage will eliminate the compatibility issue and accomplish full straightforwardness of the market estimation of jewels. What more, we will likewise give a Blockchain stage to jewel exchanging.

The articulations of buyer interest for jewels have started to move lately. At first, diamonds were utilized just as Jewels, however at this point jewels have turned out to be significantly more frequently viewed as ventures and now the interest for diamonds as speculations has risen to 5%. By 2015, the all-out estimation of the diamonds biological community showcase was at that point 79 billion US Dollars. Till the present time diamonds stay only an elective sort of venture. There are three primary factors that limit diamond exchanging.

1) Absence of a solitary cost since none of the diamonds can be considered tradable because of the way there is an endless amount of attributes for every individual jewel.
2) Absence of straightforward costs and certain gauges in the diamond eco system.
3) Absence of liquidity, which makes it practically difficult to move jewels at a genuine market cost.

So as to the item can get a Diamonds Digital Certificate, it is important to consider two viewpoints:
The change of a Diamond from a one of a kind advantage for a benefit that has a definite showcase esteem, and the making of an exchanging stage that will permit the exchange turnover with diamonds.

Therefore, our venture faces a few inquiries:
– How to guarantee the straightforwardness of the estimation of jewels available?
– How to compose reciprocal jewel exchange turnover?
– How to guarantee the rule of compatibility of jewels?

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