FidexToken Whitepaper

When disruptive minds think alike
With an increasing number of startups entering the crowdsale space every day, the process of evaluating them is becoming crucial. The FIDEX Exchange aims to identify and support the best projects in blockchain space and promote the most promising amongst them. By providing the necessary support services to the blockchain ecosystem, we hope to bring stability and reinforce trust between entrepreneurs and supporters.

Adding value
FIDEX exchange is a new project from the VIKKY GLOBAL’S team, we are eager to build a crypto exchange focusing on liquidity for new tokens. The ICO will let users to pre-own an amout of FIDEX token, which can be used later on the FIDEX platform

About Fidex
Centralised exchanges have been susceptible to security risks by both internal and external culprits. Fidex is a decentralized blockchain platform designed to fulfill a number of top-layer financial inclusion services.

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FidexToken Whitepaper