BitStash Whitepaper

Why, What, How: In finance, there is a natural supply and demand that occurs within commerce.
However, overtime the supply curve has been growing at an unprecedented rate. This is what we commonly reference as “inflation”. The reason STASH was created, is to have a cryptocurrency used for transactions that is free from tax and fees that can be utilized anywhere in the world without any restrictions. Fiat currency is the primary form by which nearly 99% of the population uses to complete transactions or induce trade.

STASH can be used as a primary form of payment not only on the BitStash Marketplace, but also integrated to various vendor and supplier websites, eCommerce platforms and soon in-store to accept STASH as a form of payment. We believe overtime STASH will begin to stabilize being used for millions of transactions on a daily basis. Also in this regard, STASH will become a symbol of value. As STASH begins to gain adoption within commerce, we believe the limited supply in nature will provide a reverse effect to our current inflation model.

Overview: BitStash has several products that are being developed to bring cryptocurrency to commerce. The primary product of development has been the STASH token, which is used to facilitate transactions for products, goods and services. Another product that has been developed is the BitStash Marketplace; this is a decentralized platform where users can buy or sell products using STASH. Additionally, BitStash (STASH) is actively developing payment solutions and plugins for businesses and organizations to start accepting STASH or crypto as a form of payment, bridging the gap between commerce and crypto.

Problem: One of the biggest and most predominant issues within commerce and finance is consumers can’t buy anything for a penny or even a dollar in most cases. Many years ago, Fiat currency was more valuable and had a limited amount to go around. As the years progress, we see many individuals not only selling, but also buying goods or services while having a difficult time saving (Fiat) money. This is solely caused by our current inflation model.

Solution: Our intention is not to replace Fiat currency, however, we aim to provide a unique approach to creating an ecosystem unattached to the current inflationary model. As we all know, Fiat currency is the foundational currency in which our society operates on a daily basis. BitStash (STASH) provides a reliable, stable and tax-exempt cryptocurrency to enable seamless transactions. A limited supply currency hosting safer transactions in an ecosystem that allows the token holders to have full control of their finances at all times. A limited supply currency in which there is no third party requiring permission to interact with STASH.

Token Economics: The following is related to the STASH token economics. (ICO Finished.)
● Total Supply: 6,000,000,000 STASH
● ICO Price: 0.00000015 ETH – 0.00000025 ETH
● Available to Community: 2,800,000,000 STASH (46.6%)

Privacy: Our members privacy is of the utmost importance. Any information collected by the BitStash Marketplace will not be shared with anyone. We take pride in keeping our users information safe, secure and private. Keep in mind that the payment solutions we create only capture your ETH address and provide proof of payment. Any personal information is not shared or collected by any STASH payment solution or provider. All information is publicly visible via the Ethereum blockchain.

Opportunity: The BitStash Marketplace and STASH token have created a huge opportunity for those already using cryptocurrency as well as those who do not own or know about crypto.
STASH is creating products and solutions for existing or newly founded businesses to start accepting cryptocurrency on their website and in-store. There are millions of businesses that want an easy way to accept crypto while maintaining value in relation to the products or services being sold for cryptocurrency. They do not want to be concerned with mining, staking, or any other trends in the industry. Companies that want to accept cryptocurrency need an easy, secure and reliable way to conduct transactions. STASH has proven to be the solution.

Mission: Our mission is provide the highest level of security available to commerce. Introducing new users to the world of blockchain and exactly what the technology is capable of. By creating a real use case for cryptocurrency and enabling billions of people all around the world the to buy or sell products with cryptocurrency, which helps reverse the traditional inflation model.


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