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EQUI is a technology focused venture capital Fund which combines the conventional principles of investing with a crypto back end that allows value to be realised and then traded in the open market through the EquiToken.

EQUI opens up the world of venture capital investing to a wider audience, both crypto and conventional investors.

The EQUI Fund is both an open-ended Fund and liquid, allowing investors the opportunity to sell their EquiTokens on external crypto exchanges at a time of their choosing.

The Fund will issue EquiUnits and accepts subscriptions in both fiat and selected cryptocurrencies. If an investor subsequently wishes to realise their investment, the EquiUnits will be exchanged for blockchained EquiTokens.
At launch, 1 EquiUnit will cost US$1. Subsequent Issues of the EquiUnits will be at a price which reflects the externally traded price of the EquiToken.

At all times, 1 EquiUnit will be exchangeable for 1 EquiToken. On conversion to an EquiToken, the former EquiUnit is burnt and ceases to exist.

The EquiToken is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum network and is expected to be freely traded on exchanges that list the token.

In order to invest in the Fund, investors must become an Accredited Investor. To gain Accreditation, investors must self- certify that they are a Sophisticated Investor and pass KYC and AML checks. In this way, EQUI operates as an effective Private Investors Club, whilst being regulated as a Fund.

Accredited Investors will be entitled to participate in an EQUI benefits and rewards programme.

The EQUI Fund operates on an 80/20 split of profits on realised investments, with 20% going to the EQUI Fund Managers and the balance reinvested back into the Fund for the benefit of investors. The externally traded price of EquiTokens should reflect the underlying value of the Fund including any realisations that are made. Prior to the 80/20 split being made, 3% of profits realised are deducted for charitable giving.

EQUI is primarily a technology investing Fund with most investments being made in high-tech, fintech, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and biotech. Investments will range from Seed Capital through to Pre IPO Funding. Up to 20% of investments will be made in non-tech proposals (such as real estate and luxury assets), but only where opportunistic deals can be done at significant undervalue and with well- controlled risks. This should provide frequent liquidity events and help to diversify the EQUI portfolio.

Once an investment is made, the experienced EQUI team will proactively work with investee companies to ensure that the best outcomes are achieved for investors, and the entrepreneurs that the Fund backs.

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