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New retail, that is, enterprises rely on the Internet, through the use of advanced technology such as big data, artificial intelligence, Upgrade and renovate the production, distribution and sales processes of commodities, thereby reshaping the structure and ecosystem, and A new retail model with deep integration of services, offline experience and modern logistics. The development of science and technology is changing with each passing day. Innovative technologies represented by big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things, and virtual reality are gradually emerging in the new retail field. The vital role of the retail industry has changed dramatically, bringing people an unprecedented consumer experience. In 2017, the scale of new retail stores in China reached 38.94 billion yuan, and by 2022 it will reach 1.8 trillion yuan. The combined growth rate will reach 115.27%, which shows that in the next five years, the unmanned convenience frame and unmanned retail stores will be replaced. The new retail model of the watch is subverting people’s original understanding of the retail industry! The core of new retail must be big data, and the efficient processing of big data is inseparable from artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence It can effectively replace some of the labor in the production, supply and distribution. According to Goldman’s forecast, In 2025, artificial intelligence will save the global retail industry $54 billion/year in cost New revenue of $41 billion/year. CIC consultants believe that the above forecasts are still relatively conservative, and the future will be artificial. The profits and benefits that can be brought to the retail industry go far beyond this. Taking Jingdong’s customer service robot JIMI as an example, only In 2017, it saved billions of labor costs for Jingdong. For example, Baidu Big Data is a special system for Chaoyang Joy City. Order the artificial intelligence + big data promotion plan, and change the plan to a more targeted and accurate promotion plan. Such a The sexual promotion plan has greatly increased the sales volume of Chaoyang Joy City, and its member sales have increased. 12%, the conversion rate of unrecognized brand recommendation has increased by five times, and the consumption rate of inactive members has increased by 53%. In 2018, artificial intelligence accelerated the penetration of the retail industry, and the more mature landing scenes were mainly divided. For five categories: smart unmanned stores, smart warehousing and logistics, intelligent marketing and experience, intelligent customer service, intelligence Virtual experience. For example, smart warehousing also has huge market demand. It is estimated that the scale will exceed 95.4 billion by 2020

新零售,即企业以互联网为依托,通过运用大数据、人工智能等先进技术手段,对商品的生产、流通与销售过程进行升级改造,进而重塑业态结构与生态圈, 并对线 上服务、线下体验以及现代物流进行深度融合的零售新模式。科技发展日新月异,以大数据、云计算、物联网、虚拟现实为代表的创新科技,在新零售领域逐渐发挥出 至关重要的作用,让零售业发生翻天覆地的变化,给人们带来全所未有的消费体验。2017 年我国新零售商店交易规模达 389.4 亿元,到 2022 年将至 1.8 万亿元,复 合增长率将达 115.27%,由此可见,未来五年以无人便利架、无人零售店为代 表的全新零售模式正在颠覆着人们对于零售业的原有认识!新零售的核心一定是大数据,而对大数据高效的处理离不开人工智能。人工智 能将对生产、供应、配送环节中的部分人工,实现有效替代。根据高盛的预测, 到 2025 年,人工智能将为全球零售业节省 540 亿美元/年的成本开支,同时带 来 410 亿美元/年的新收入。中投顾问则认为上述预测仍较为保守,未来人工智 能给零售业带来的利润和收益远不止如此。以京东的客服机器人JIMI 为例,仅 2017 年便为京东节省人工成本上亿元。比如,百度大数据为朝阳大悦城专门制 订人工智能+大数据推广计划,改计划更有针对性、更精准的推广计划。这种个 性化的推广计划在很大程度上提升了朝阳大悦城的销售量,其会员销售额提高了 12%,未购买品牌推荐转化率提升了五倍,非活跃会员到场消费率提高了 53%。 进入 2018 年,人工智能加速渗透零售行业,较为成熟的落地场景主要可分 为五大类:智慧的无人门店、智能仓储与物流、智能营销与体验、智能客服、智能 虚拟体验。比如智能仓储,同样存在巨大市场需求 预计到 2020 年规模超 954 亿元。

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Business Credit Alliance Chain whitepaper