Enecuum Whitepaper

Currency means to the economy exactly what language means to the speech: with natural historic competition, borrowed features, and things lost in translation. A language evolves in the direct proportion to the number of its users and with the amount of pronounced/written/read material – “transactions” in it. What keeps it alive and saves it from extinction is its circulation and the Darwinistic ability to adapt to a change. Most traditional currencies developed naturally, similar to most dialects formalizing over time and gradually gaining success through adoption.

Constructed languages have failed, in spite of their claim to a global success due to wellplanned features and lack of such artifacts as irregular verbs.

Now that we’ve entered the world of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, it is getting clear that the acquired ability to adapt to a change is what makes a platform a preferred means of transaction. While many known blockchains have rigid and clumsy designs, Enecuum’s platform is highly adaptive and truly decentralized, with participants being able to vote for desired new changes with no entailing protocol modification. Yet, if needed, changes of the blockchain parameters can also be introduced through a modified protocol version. You will find all the technical explanations below sharing the same core idea: we trust that our enhanced privacy, security and scalability, and, more importantly, ability to change and adapt make Enecuum the blockchain of tomorrow that comes to stay.

It is being BUILT TO LIVE ON.

Enecuum whitepaper

Enecuum Whitepaper
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