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Trading competitions in financial markets is a disruptive economic instrument that is yet to penetrate the mass investoraudiences due to barriers of entrythat exist. These barriers range fromexcessive regulation, big investment requirements, higher foreign exchange rates,to the fragility of existing centralized implementations.The maturity of blockchain technology is poised to change that as decentralized implementations forscalable trading competitions are within the reachof individuals with all pocket sizes.

Blockium is a platformthat offers financial competitions to investors of any size and grade based on real-time prices of financial instrumentssuch as Stocks, Crypto, Foreign Exchange (FX), Indices and Commodities.

The platform targets mainstream audiences and provides a haven for investors to find refuge from traditional financial instruments and participate in trading competitions with the purpose of making multiple returns, and leveraging their trading knowledge in almost any asset class. Blockium has tied up with top global exchanges all around the world such as Nasdaq, NYSE, London Stock Exchange, Shanghai, Hitbtc (crypto) and, Okex (crypto) which allows live market data to be integrated on Blockium platform.

Investors can then placetheir bets based on the real-time data and execute their positions to gain a return on their portfolios. In traditional markets, returns range between 5-15% while Blockium gives an opportunity to earn as high as 1000% returns. Blockium was designed by veterans of the online trading industry, using the knowledge and experience acquired by Blockium Technologies Blockium Technologies limited is an established online financial company which has been operating in the investment field since 2016.

Blockium is Blockium Technologies limited’s go-to-market product which allows investors with a budget as low as $10 to participate in real-time trading of financial assets. Blockiumis a peer-to-peer trading competition platform which allows users to create a competition between family and friends. The creator of the competition or the admin invites one or more people to join the competition and creates the rules of the competition such as defining the asset class (Stock, 6crypto, FX), benchmark exchange, prize money, number of assets to pick from that exchange, time period of the competition, and the entry fee. Once users join the competition by paying the entry fee using the native token of Blockium(BOK), they create their portfolios by choosing the appropriate assets within the confines of the defined rules, and the competition begins. The prices of the assets are tracked real-time and users are competing to gain the highest return on their portfolios.

The returns offered on Blockium are huge as compared to traditional trading and gives an opportunity to investors to make returns which are 10X or even more in a very short span of time.Combining expertise in regulated markets togetherwith blockchain technology creates a uniquesolution for skill-based trading competitions that is tailored forthe masses. Blockium is creating a robust business model that incentivizes other providers and industry leaders with existing customer bases, such as Blockium Technologies itself, to join the Blockium network and drive traffic to the network.Event syndication between providers carries this traffic beyond the confines of a single provider.Providers are motivated to cooperate as part of a larger network. On the other side, users will enjoy a well-rounded array of option to trade, accommodating their diversified interests and increasing their overall engagement.The simplest contest is a head-to-head contest wherein you are competing against a single person and the chances are that you win a 100% return on your bets. The other one is where a competition creator creates an event and you play by the rules of the creator and compete against many players with a chanceof winning massive prize money.

Moreover, if you are a creator, you get an opportunity to take a large chunk of the total entry fees and the rest is given in the prize money and 5-10% is taken in the form of Blockium commission. Blockium is powered by its native digital token, the BOK. All activity in the network revolves around BOK:from serving as the primary form for fees and collaterals to serving as the main currency used forpredicting event outcomes. BOK is the driver of a sustainable economy where demand grows asmore users and providers join the ecosystem


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