En Tan Mo Whitepaper

What is En-Tan-Mo

En-Tan-Mo is a next-generation blockchain based on Nash equilibrium and the idea of value transfer. Its name emerged from Entente, Transaction and Mobius. The core En-Tan-Mo team includes Professor Thomas Sargent, leader of the rational expectation revolution and winner of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Economics; Professor Sheldon Lee Glashow, the Nobel Prize-winning theoretical physicist who proposed the Grand Unified Theory; as well as scholars from California Institute of Technology, the University of Maryland and the institut Henri Poincare who realized SHD completeness by innovatively incorporating game theory in blockchain development. En-Tan-Mo is a place where SCV miners and Pareto mining pool support and motivate each other under Kantorovich consensus, a platform that accommodates various applications and communities on different blockchains and non-blockchain systems, and a decentralized world where people longing for equality, democracy and genuine freedom are entitled to their fair share of stake. En-Tan-Mo goes beyond a blockchain-based platform. It is a community that carries the widest variety of applications and hosts the most extensive participants and the one that is built upon solid mathematical framework and guided by profound economic and philosophical thoughts. This White Book, therefore, is not sufficient to account for the significance and complexity of En-Tan-Mo, and merely serves as a brief introduction of the project. En-Tan-Mo development team is working on producing more papers with respect to En-Tan-Mo World, Philosophy, Math, Economics, Calculation and Ecology so as to shed more light on the project for interested readers.
En tan mo whitepaper

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En Tan Mo Whitepaper