Crowdvilla Point Whitepaper

Crowdvilla aims to provide true sharing of its global portfolio of hotels and holiday properties on the
blockchain. Based on the concept of the common good, Crowdvilla’s community pool their resources to
acquire properties together for their shared use. Our introduction video is here:

The portfolio would ideally occupy the casual luxury segment that has broad appeal to internationally-mobile
businesses and holiday travellers.

Crowdvilla will operate as a non-profit organisation (NPO) that combines blockchain technology and real
estate utility tokenization to provide attractive key features to its community and users.

Token-Point System
The Crowdvilla platform uses a Token-Point System with the following native digital assets:
Each Crowdvilla Token (CRV) denotes a share of time-value for the use of all properties in the Crowdvilla
portfolio. CRV holders earn Crowdpoint Tokens (CROWD) in perpetuity (i.e. on an ongoing basis for as long
as the portfolio exists). CROWD Tokens are used to book stays in the properties. The number of CROWD
Tokens generated is proportional to the number of CRV Tokens held and the length of the holding period.

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Crowdvilla Whitepaper