BlockStamp Whitepaper

This documents describes the current status of the BlockStamp project, its functionalities and potential. The document will be constantly updated as the BlockStamp will be evolving. The document is maintained by the BlockStamp and its latest version will always be available on the project’s website.

1. What is BlockStamp
BlockStamp (BST) is a new digital currency intended to store user data in blockchain. It is based on Bitcoins peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. The goal was to create a new fast and effective blockchain that could be used for trusted timestamping of documents. Currently, BlockStamp blockchain is used as the core of an online gaming platform. Future uses will cover timestamping dedicated for banking purposes,DNS and more.

BlockStamp Games is an example of an implementation of randomized transactions provided by the BlockStamp blockchain. The blockchain offers the possibility to obtain fair, untempered randomness that can be used in many applications such as e-gaming.

BlockStamp Website
BlockStamp Whitepaper