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The ultimate goal of BCDiploma is to certify diplomas in the simplest, most secure, and sustainable way possible, by associating Ethereum technology with a high level of cryptography. As EdTech experts and higher education specialists, we know the expectations of schools in this domain. Facing the falsification of their diplomas and an increased competition, they are ready to offer their graduates an innovative digital service to protect their image.

BCDiploma develops a DApp for institutions of higher education to enable them to issue their degrees on Ethereum. BCDiploma allows the graduate, throughout his life, to prove the authenticity of his diploma by providing a simple URL. It is a competitive solution, durable, unfalsifiable, compatible with social networks, simple to use, perfectly adapted to the uses of higher education. Schools have not yet adapted a certification standard? We offer it to them. Once put in production for schools, what future for BCDiploma, solution developed by Blockchain Certified Data (BCD)?

BCD will have an inexpensive, fast-running open source ecosystem created, in order to deploy on-chain registries while respecting the right of personal data on Ethereum.

These on-chain registers are usable by all on a daily basis: they read a smart-contract certified data. It’s a general application of Ethereum: each and everyone of us can prove in a single click that he is well qualified, doctor, holder of a driving license…The fields of application are numerous: professional competences or certifications, registers of regulated professions, internal business registers, administrative registers…

Ethereum, by its scalability, is technically ready to store registers on a large scale: we want to develop the framework of it and make the use of DApps a daily action for everyone. To accompany us in this project is to make a step towards a world in which we will all trust in the data issued by the institutions.

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Blockchain Certified Data Token Whitepaper
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