Atlas Protocol Whitepaper

With the rapid growth of the Blockchain industry we are seeing continuous rollouts of blockchain
projects. However, as of today, there is very little interaction can be done on blockchain other than
balance transfers. Even though we have Smart Contracts that enables Dapps, a good mechanism for
information transferring and discovery is still to be defined.

There are prior attempts trying to solve digital advertising’s problem with Blockchain technology,
however, Blockchain economy has its own advertising problem to be solved. It is impractical to
promote Blockchain projects in Internet since digital advertising industry can not profile Blockchain
addresses and current Blockchain could not support complicated interactions required by advanced
advertising practices.

Hence a better infrastructure is needed to help define ways of identifying, activating users and
conveying information along with value. Nebulas Labs (Nebulabs) and xGoogler Blockchain Alliance
(xGBA) has jointly incubated Atlas Protocol (ATP) to close this gap in the blockchain ecosystem.
ATP is tasked to build a Blockchain native interactive marketing infrastructure so to enable
information flow freely on chain and also to explore new ways of on-chain interactions.


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