Beaxy Whitepaper

In this white paper we will discuss the needs of the cryptocurrency traders and the space in which Beaxy fits. The Beaxy is an all-in-one exchange created by a group of professional coders & traders that supports users of all backgrounds. The Beaxy Exchange platform is smart, secure, and easy to use, combining features in a way as yet unseen. The Beaxy Exchange will also feature advanced tools for experienced traders. As you continue reading, you will learn about the exchange platform, the advantages of using Beaxy tokens (BXY) , and additional ICO 1 details about those tokens to be used within the Beaxy Exchange.

The Company is issuing Beaxy tokens to grant certain rights and benefits to holders on the Beaxy Exchange, including reduced trading fees and programs designed to make use of the exchange a better experience. Prospective users from the United States and China will not be able to participate in the ICO. Users from other jurisdictions will be subject to “know your customer” (KYC) laws, and based on the regulation in the purchaser’s country, it will be determined whether or how the purchaser may participate in certain programs available on the Beaxy Exchange. For those qualified purchasers, the Beaxy tokens provide an unmatched experience within the cryptocurrency environment.

BXY tokens provide utility benefit through exchange fee mitigation and transaction facilitation on the Beaxy Exchange. A separate token, PLS, confers loyalty rewards to some holders who convert their BXY to PLS. PLUS (PLS) token holders will be able to participate in a Loyalty Rewards program, which will reward users with a proportionate share of up to 25% of the monthly transaction fees collected by the Beaxy Exchange. Both of these tokens will be thoroughly defined in later sections (2.3 and 2.4). A Referral Program will reward participants for inviting friends and family to use the Beaxy Exchange, and a Staking Program that will enable discounted trading fees. Simply put, being a Beaxy token holder will make the use of the Beaxy Exchange a better experience.


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