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Why do e-commerce websites push things you like or need? Why do you receive a lot of loan information when you are short of money? You read the car purchase information on the Internet, why would the customer service of 4S shop contact you actively? When your bank deposits are large, various investment and financing platforms will find you… These are all because when you use mobile phones, computers and other terminal devices, you leave traces of behavior on the Internet and are recorded. The internet platform obtains a large number of users through pre-subsidy and collects a large number of user data in the cloud. Later, it makes profits from user data through advertising, value-added services, platform Commission and so on. Therefore, the valuation of an Internet company is calculated according to the cost of acquiring customers and the number of users.Every day, we generate a large amount of behavior data on the Internet through various terminal devices and upload a large amount of behavior data to the cloud in real time, but the value generated by this data is not owned by individual users. In Internet giants such as Google and Facebook, while providing free services to users, they are also collecting information generated by users, cleaning user data and transforming data value through cloud computing, which is the traditional mode of information Internet. With the advent of the 5G era, the number of network connection devices increases greatly, and huge user data will be generated on the edge of the network. With the emergence of blockchain technology and end computing, data collection and processing will inevitably return to the terminal from the cloud, which can achieve the processing of massive data near the device terminal and through the blockchain network. The transformation and transmission of data value has promoted the transformation of information internet to value internet. Value Internet brings about changes in creation of relationships and the value system of the information Internet. People’s understanding of the objective world can be divided into two categories: one is the understanding of the attributes and essence of the various things and the law of movement; the other is the understanding of the significance of the various things in the objective world for human survival and development (i.e. value). Marx’s value theory breaks through the idea of explaining value from the perspective of cost or demand, while explaining value from the perspective of the relationship between people. The ultimate problem of labor value is the relationship between people. The change from primitive society to Communist society is manifested in the improvement of economic quantity and the change of system, but in essence, the change of relationship between people.

In the era of the information internet, big data has become an important means of production. Big data covers two key points: big data and cloud computing, that is, powerful computing power and data that can be accessed at any time in the cloud. Coal is the main means of production in the first technological revolution, oil and electricity are the main means of production in the second technological revolution, and data will be the important means of production of this technological revolution. Big data is the means of production, cloud computing is the productivity, and the Internet is the relationship of production, but in the traditional relationship of the information Internet, users cannot obtain the actual value out of their own behavior data.

The birth of blockchain technology provides a fairer value trading mode for Internet behavioral data information, from which the value Internet was born. Blockchain distributed network combined with intelligent contracts can solve many shortcomings of the

information network. The popularization and application of the blockchain technology will solve the problems of credit, value transmission and value storage, as well as the collection and storage of personal Internet behavior data. Not only that, blockchain contains enormous economic significance, it can even be said that the market and the times called for the birth of blockchain. The emergence of blockchains will establish a new Internet production relationship and value system. The new value Internet will distribute revenue to all users through the blockchain circulation economic model. Users can get rewards through personal use behavior in the new value network. Users can be in a spontaneous and active state in the process of producing “data”; the same party receiving “data” will give corresponding returns according to the “data” provided. The transaction information of both sides will run in a transparent and unchangeable environment, which will lead to a more positive cycle – this is the main function of the new value Internet in the blockchain era. Value Internet Makes Everyone’s Behavior More Valuable In fact, the core of supporting the trillion-dollar market value of the current Internet giant is the high-frequency user behavior display and the data value brought by the significant number of users. The significance of blockchain lies in that it can change the existing user data value system, redistribute the ownership of data, and allow users who really own data get rewards from sharing it while ensuring their privacy.

In the early days of the Internet, Internet giants such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft established the era of the information Internet, which mainly accelerated the efficiency of information circulation and solved the problem of information asymmetry. With the development of blockchains, technologies such as Bitcoin and ETF have created digital communication of value, but users’ behavior data ownership, the issue of rights and interests’ confirmation has yet not been solved. Today, Facebook is leading the creation of a 28-partner management and distribution organization, the Libra Association, to create a simple, borderless currency and financial infrastructure for billions of people by issuing the encrypted digital currency Libra. It holds that everyone has the inherent right to control their legitimate labor outcomes – open, immediate and low-cost global currency flows will create tremendous economic opportunities and commercial value for the world. The release of Facebook’s digital currency, Libra, will have a far-reaching impact on the global economic landscape. At the same time, it also indicates that “licensing” will become a global vision and trend of change. Blockchains will no longer be relatively confined to the technical field and will better benefit each of our Internet participants. Therefore, the Whole Network is committed to building a consensus, co-creation and win-win behavioral value network, which matches the real Internet through blockchain technology, end computing, 5G technology, and so on, to create the link between human behavior in the real world and the value flow in the virtual world. It records the Internet behavior generated by users on the blockchain, guaranteeing the authenticity and security of information. The more individual Internet behavior users contribute, the greater number of digital assets they acquire per unit time. In this way, users can be motivated to continuously contribute their Internet behavior to obtain more behavior rewards. The future will be an era of increasingly more perfect personal value systems. Through the Whole Network, individuals will truly become creators and owners of value.

Whole Network – A consensus, co-creation and win-win behavioral value Network
The arrival of a new era also means the transformation of the old Internet era. In the value Internet ecosystem, the data monopoly, data hegemony and passive collection of user data will gradually be replaced by the active sharing of valuable data, the ownership of data by users, and the rapid data sharing and exchange. With the initiative of users to own personal data and the migration of cloud computing to end-computing, data collection and processing can be achieved through mobile terminals, and user data value conversion can be realized by using blockchain technology in mobile terminals, and a decentralized behavioral value network can be established.

Whole Network Whitepaper

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Whole Network Whitepaper