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We believe that music is one of the few mediums that can literally transform life. It can provide solace and com-
fort to those hurting or in need, joy and excitement to an experience or event, and even has the ability to trans-
cend time and space with the emotional nostalgia that hearing a favorite song can trigger in one’s mind. It’s

powerful and magic and we think it’s worthy of our efforts to provide its creators with the ability to be fairly and
transparently compensated for their work and talent.
Our mission is:
• To provide artists with an equitable and transparent platform to easily and quickly monetize new or
existing songs
• To allow fans, friends, rights-buyers and brands to partner with artists on a song-by-song basis,
sharing directly in whole or fractional IP ownership

• To create a true marketplace for songs, where tracking and collection of royalties and licensing in-
come is transparent and in real time

• To deliver to artists the opportunity to make a living from the fruits of their work, without unneces-
sary impediments that keep them from focusing on what truly matters – their music

• To strengthen the relationship between artists and those that appreciate their music, in a meaningful
way, where a true partnership can be formed and mutual benefits derived

Vezt WhitePaper

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Vezt Whitepaper