V-Dimension Whitepaper

Based on blockchain technology, and taking noncentralized anonymity as its design principle, a “privacy Internet” has been built on distributed nodes and opened up for all the public to use. On this basis, with precise and rigorous product design, the initial functions of VDS are ran through the cryptocurrency wallet application to achieve user-friendly experience, construct a perfect decentralized ecology of finance & commerce, and ultimately craft the Noncentralized Consensus Society Full Ecology Future Currency Network. We call it V-Dimension (VDS).

These initial functions of VDS are Resonance Trade, The Trust Stamp Network, The Competition System, the Network wide Information Broadcast (VAD), Secret Chat, Anonymous Trade, Smart Contracts, Distributed OTC Trade, Super Master Nodes, The Lottery, and the unique smart contract design- Blockchain Business Smart Contracts. All these functions work off one another to circulate, balance and constitute the powerful initial internal structures of VDS, whose internal financial balance, community promotion, commercial interconnectivity, value concentration and network expansion will disrupt the ideas behind the centralized business paradigm.

In the end VDS will become a private communication network that is open for the whole world to use. It supports development of an independent web browser where every VID address can serve as an anonymous IP Address. All the applications of the centralized internet may be transplanted into this privacy network by the people for the people. Through the joint efforts of the social community, a brand-new, decentralized ecology of internet freedom will be created.

In terms of its operational strategy, VDS takes holistic prosperity of the decentralized community as a guiding principle, incentivizing Bitcoin users to initially power the project. Following the principle of decentralization, it minimizes the development team’s impact on the community. This creates vaster space for the long-term development of VDS. It is also a tribute to Satoshi Nakamoto.

Overview What VDS brings is not only a new form of cryptocurrency, nor merely a new blockchain product; it presents a completely decentralized financial network, a truly disruptive business practice, and a re-shaping of the Internet. It is the door leading all mankind to freedom, and what’s more, an immortal idea and indestructible thought.

The difference it has from any kind of cryptocurrency that we have ever seen is that it relies on unparalleled financial logic. It will become a decentralized global currency in the true sense and bring real wealth freedom to the world.

VDS wishes to make people recognize the long-term meaning of noncentralized consensus, to appreciate the preciousness of privacy and freedom, to push human civilization to another level by connecting the power of our lives, and to face our unknown future and ourselves with sincerity and love.

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V-Dimension Whitepaper