Upfiring Whitepaper


Upfiring is a peer-to-peer (P2P) distributed file-transferring platform designed at its core to
enhance the way files are shared between users. By decentralizing the file-sharing process,
Upfiring completely removes the middleman and allows users to directly exchange information
via the blockchain network. Upfiring utilizes the Ethereum ecosystem as its primary platform
for transaction-processing [11]. By encrypting communications on the blockchain and allowing
nodes to communicate directly, Upfiring can function as a fully-decentralized exchange for files
and value transactions – allowing users to download or seed their own files at will. Distributed
networks are able to collaborate in a trustless manner without a single point of failure [1]. In
addition, smart contracts regulate all transactions by overseeing the encryption of files,
verifying proof-of-ownership, and guaranteeing a seamless transfer of value. The use of smart
contracts allows for the objective management of transactions without requiring authoritative
supervision. The emergence of these technologies have reflected a much greater attitude shift
towards the use of the internet – the growing preference for decentralized, trustless applications
over centralized, third-party-controlled services.

This paper seeks to provide an overview of the Upfiring protocol and explain its
underlying technology and functionality in detail. We will break down the application’s key
components, compare it to existing non-blockchain P2P file-sharing applications, and explain
how Upfiring’s unique approach to decentralized, contract-driven incentivization seeks to
transform the blockchain file-sharing space.

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Upfiring Whitepaper