UNUS SED LEO Whitepaper

iFinex Inc. (iFinex), a privately-held financial technology company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands, operates virtual currency trading platforms under the business name Bitfinex, and provides numerous other cryptocurrency and cryptoasset-related products and services.

This whitepaper introduces the initial offering of a new utility token, LEO, for use on Bitfinex and other iFinex trading platforms. LEO has been created with the iFinex and crypto community at heart and in mind. LEO presents a sizeable opportunity for existing iFinex users and those who wish to use iFinex’s platforms and services. A special purpose subsidiary of iFinex intends to sell up to USDt 1 billion worth of LEO tokens.

This document will outline in detail why we proudly invite friends of iFinex who meet the qualification requirements included in the Token Purchase Agreement to purchase LEO tokens, what this entails, and how it is a natural extension of our community ethos.

iFinex started its operations in 2012, initially operating under the Bitfinex brand, making it one of the longest-standing exchanges in the industry. Since then iFinex, through its trading platforms, has become one of the best-known and recognized companies in the cryptocurrency space with a community of passionate entrepreneurs, idealists and technologists that have together created one of the best growth stories in our industry.

Our guiding principle has always been innovation for progress. We are known for building industry first products and tools that accelerate the blockchain promise of freedom and scalability set out in the original Bitcoin WhitePaper, “Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System,” released in 2008.

We also believe the best innovation and biggest progress comes from opening our doors to the community, which is why we are dedicated to education and open-source development within the cryptocurrency space.

Developing for innovation is a critical element of progress within cryptocurrencies, but driving adoption is equally important. We maintain that the best chance of increasing adoption of cryptocurrency is fiat currency cash flow—increasing the speed and ease by which fiat currencies can be exchanged for cryptocurrency in a legally-compliant manner.

We do not dispute that the end goal of cryptocurrencies is to displace the place of fiat in our lives, but we believe that achieving these goals will only be possible after the ecosystem has developed and matured. Moreover, investment from outside the industry needs to reach the many vital projects that are working hard to improve and scale the technology.

For this reason, Bitfinex fights to defend the use of an independent fiat gateway. We are humbled and incredibly grateful that so many of our customers and community members share our approach and ethos and have actively supported us through times of adversity.

Here we share an opportunity to stand together, united in our vision for the future of crypto

Bitfinex Whitepaper Leo Token

Leo Token Whitepaper
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