UltraNote Coin Whitepaper

‘’UltraNote has been designed to solve the core problems inherent to two of the most important
aspects of everyone’s daily life which are; communication and exchanging money which require
both privacy and security. ‘’

UltraNote is a secure and privacy centred open source digital asset which is accessible to all. With
UltraNote you will not only take control over your freedom but also act as your own ‘’bank’’. You
and only you will control and hold responsibility for your funds. Your accounts and transactions are
kept private from intrusive eyes through peer to peer encryption technology. UltraNote uses
advanced cryptographic techniques, namely zero-knowledge proofs, to guarantee the validity of
transactions without revealing sensitive information about them. UltraNote transactions are private,
untraceable and anonymous.

The UltraNote Blockchain is a mutually distributed ledger that creates, distributes, facilitates storage
and finally executes the exchange of the cryptographic assets (XUN) via its wallets. The UltraNote
Blockchain forms the ecosystem of the digital asset, which has been structured to deliver a set of
financial and communication solutions. With UltraNote you will get to enjoy; enhanced security,
greater utility (Desktop GUI, Online as well as mobile wallet), increased scalability (400+ TPS), wider
acceptance, improved efficiency and above all unchallenged privacy. Similar to every blockchain
platform, UltraNote payments are stored on the blockchain in order to keep the books balanced but
the sender, recipient, and content of each transaction remain anonymous and untraceable. With the
Self Destruct message feature you are guaranteed that your message transaction hash is destroyed
making it simply inexistent on the blockchain.

At the heart of the system is an optimised version of Bitcoin, offering a fully decentralized open
source digital asset which allows enthusiasts to contribute to its development and moreover help
bring new ideas to the table on a highly empowering and individual level. With the core principles of
the Digital Assets system in mind, the UltraNote platform has been designed to increase global
prosperity through improvements in the quality and efficiency of its asset exchange. In addition to
the Anonymous and Untraceable Funds Transfer facility, UltraNote wallet offers a P2P Encrypted
Messaging with IPFS Encrypted File Transfer Service, Bank like facility such as Deposit for Interest of
3% per year and Integrated CPU Wallet Mining. Within the UltraNote ecosystem; Individuals,
Businesses, Cooperatives and Merchants can freely exchange UltraNote coins for payments, Deposit
Coins as a Store of Value as well as transfer Confidential Data such as video, voice recordings as well
as confidential documents without the involvement of indiscrete 3rd parties like email service
providers, banks or governmental institutions.

Furthermore instead of establishing value on UltraNote assets via government backing or
declarations from regulating bodies, unlike accustomed commodities like gold or oil, the value of
UltraNote is solely based on the quality and soundness of the ecosystem. In a world where
governments dictate our financial activities, monitor our communications and data collection
institutions stealing our private data from social media and regular service providers; offering an
environment of Trust, anonymity and total self-sufficiency is fundamental to UltraNote. Putting the
community first, ultimately through mass adoption, a more efficient and better-calibrated system of
value will be established to promote prosperity and privacy among a larger and more diverse global

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UltraNote Coin Whitepaper