Typerium Whitepaper

The online world has brought a range of opportunities to merchants and creators, but
there are still significant issues with the systems involved in getting their products to

One of the most prominent is the lack of trust on the internet, which often leads to fraud
and other scams. Where there are trust systems in place, it takes time and resources to
get a rating that shows an entity is reliable, and the ratings aren’t transferable to other
marketplaces. This means that a business that desires to move to or expand to a new
market must go through the arduous process again and again.

Another stumbling block in online transactions is the expensive, slow and complicated
payment process. Fees can be high, particularly for international transfers. It can also
take from two days to two weeks for funds to end up in a merchant’s account, which
can create cash flow issues. On top of this, many merchants are lagging behind when
it comes to accepting mobile payments, because traditional payment gateways often
make it too difficult for them to do so.

Typerium aims to change this by bringing about smoother transactions and a better
online experience for both buyers and sellers. Its platform will leverage the Ethereum
blockchain and smart-contract functionality to create a universal and decentralised trust
and reputation system. This will give each party more information when they conduct
transactions, help to reduce fraud and make it easier to resolve any conflict. On top of
this, Typerium will have a seamlessly integrated mobile payments solution that takes
advantage of the latest technology developments.

The Typerium application will also bring a host of improvements to the lives of creators.
It will include intuitive design software that makes it much easier to create visually
stunning work, as well as its own marketplace where users can buy and sell content.
It will even allow creators to register their intellectual property on the Ethereum
blockchain to help prevent IP theft.

The Typerium Creative Marketplace will use its own wallet and currency, the TYPE
Token, and feature the trust and reputation system, as well as the integrated mobilepayment
solution mentioned above. Over time, these systems will be expanded to third
party retailers so that they can also take advantage of the increased functionality and
lower costs that come from using the Typerium system.

Typerium will support its operations by charging a transaction fee of just 1.5%, which is
significantly less than merchants currently pay.

The marketing strategy of the Typerium service involves taking full advantage of the
network effect, as well as ensuring that Typerium is available in as many outlets as
possible through a partnership system. The TYPE Token will be available through a
crowd sale in 2018.


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Typerium Whitepaper