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Global Challenge
As the world’s population growth projection reaches 8 billion, the dilemma between economic development and resources preservation becomes a much more pressing issue. We observe a growing need to control carbon emission as well as the sustainable utilization of resources such as arable land, water and other agricultural resources. These needs will further promote the value of a greener economy and give rise to the development of greener industries.

The green economy is booming globally and green financing is becoming a major driver of tapping Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”)’s investment potential and promoting sustainable development. However, the green economy suffers from slow development and is unbalanced due to technological limitations and lack of social investment.

Green Digital Finance
The Internet has brought countless new opportunities. TREELION is a green digital economic platform based on blockchain technology and created to solve the current pain points of the green economy through a brand new business model. Backed by a decentralized structure, Treelion targets to facilitate the online transfer of value and the secure storage of green assets. TREELION trading platform and standards can be used to facilitate the transfer of green assets on a global scale.

A Gift For Future Generations
TREELION’s mission is not only to remove the barriers existing in international cooperation but also to create an infrastructure for the green digital economy powered by a safe, reliable and scalable blockchain. Through continuous feedback from external social capital, corporations and individuals are effectively involved and participate actively in the global desertification control and emission control projects. Ultimately, TREELION facilitates the creation of a global, sustainable green digital economy business ecosystem.

Treelion Whitepaper

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Treelion Whitepaper