ToS Whitepaper

T.OS is a kind of digital coin which has been based on block-chain technology and aiming the new payment market by digital(virtual) currency system.

Many types of digital coin have issued world-widely in recent years, however any digital coins have not been practical for economical or financial usage but booming up only on dealing themselves by each other, that means the values of almost coins are ‘just possession’ such as old stamps, antique or jewelry. It’s non-sense!

Because we would be faced with emerging cashless world before long, we have prepared to create the new digital currency which should be safer, swifter and smarter in paying process on real commercial market.
T.OS could substitute intelligent paying method for cash, plastic card (credit / debit) and all the other pay-system, so would pursue the lower paying-cost (commission) and shorter term for paying the money to affiliated store, it might be a win-win model between the customers and the affiliated store owners. That’s enough!

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T.Os Whitepaper