Titan Coin Whitepaper

Blockchain is a distributed database, which uses digital book technology that stores transaction records and shares them on a distributed computer network. Using encryption, each network participant can log in and manage the ledger securely. No central authority is needed in this system. The blockchain maintains a list of records (blocks) that continues to grow, each containing a timestamp and a link to the previous one.

Titan Coin introduces a completely new blockchain technology that uses Hybrid POW & dynamic POS SHA 256+ Groestl (Dual Algorithm) for its backbone of the transactions & a POS(proof of stake)system that pays 2.5 percent per year.

Titan Coin is an experimental currency that allows immediate payment to anyone, anywhere in the world, using the zero-coin library. Titan Coin uses a hybrid POW / POS to get started, then goes on to complete the proof of stake (pos sha256d algorithm) with a low energy consumption and rewards long-term users and blocks pos hash holders, your weight of the mines does not block the percentages.

TITAN COIN is a new generation of cryptocurrency that uses the latest blockchain technology that focuses on secure and fast transactions.

TTN is using the SHA256D algorithm of the main bitcoin source and are upgrading to safer and faster transactions. We are happy to present interested parties with the opportunity to participate in Titan’s potential growth. Once users have increased, the demand for Titan Coin will be very high.

Titan is a self-sustainable blockchain platform for creating and running new economic applications. Our community uses the Titan platform as a payment service, proof of data integrity and support structure for projects ranging from cloud computing to applications. As more and more users bring their talents and passion to the platform, Titan’s potential to promote innovation is growing exponentially.

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Titan Coin Whitepaper