Telos Whitepaper

The Telos Project

A sustainably decentralized EOSIO network
The Eos system offers an amazing promise of a new economy. Unfortunately, high centralization undermines this promise. Just 1.6% of Eos holders own 90% of the tokens. The token ownership, governance, and block producer selection are all compromised by the existence of massive “whale” addresses that can push Eos in any direction they want without regard to the majority of token holders, developers, or even the overall health of the network.

Telos is an alternative network based on the same EOSIO code that aims to solve the key problems of Eos.

The Telos network offers:
1. Economic decentralization – No whale addresses
2. Equitable pay structure for block producers and standbys 3. DApp developer-friendly with proprietary DApps and lower cost deployment 4. Additional token holder protection and pre-activation resolution of stolen tokens “The EOS dream will not come true until it fixes its centralization problems.” – Juan M. Villaverde, Weiss ratings

The Telos Blockchain
Telos forks EOSIO code into a new blockchain and updates the following elements: • Remove the extreme economic power of a small number of “whales” by capping the value of every address in the genesis snapshot at 40,000 Telos (TLOS) tokens.

o Eliminates whales’ control of block producer selection and token holder voting.

o Exchanges will be given a process for petitioning to have TLOS tokens created for their EOS owners at the time of the snapshot, provided that they agree to list TLOS and distribute tokens, capped at 40,000 per account holder.

telos white paper

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Telos Whitepaper