Tarush Whitepaper

The world of blockchains and cryptocurrencies has seen lots of developments over the course of the last two years. While efforts at present are geared towards delivering better speed of transactions, network security, and transparency, TARUSH has emerged to make a difference. The certainty of the blockchain as a major milestone in the push by mankind for greater control over personal fortune and direction is a landmark. Paying attention to the weight of disillusionment with the traditional, commercial, financial, and transactional algorithms across the globe, it is clear that the blockchain route cannot be ignored.

The utility of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in our world today surely point in the direction of greater adoption and consideration. There is an increased demand and yearning for faster processing methodologies, decentralized approach, assured security, and usability. No other pathway seems to make all these expectations possible in today’s world like blockchain innovation. This is where TARUSH makes an entry.

TARUSH is an upcoming cryptocurrency project focused on privacy, scalability, and fungibility that is built by implementing a MimbleWimble blockchain with some various optimizations. The choice of MimbleWimble as the governing protocol is informed by its privacy advantages.


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Tarush Whitepaper