Superorder Review: The King of Trading Features

Superorder Review: The King of Trading Features

Professional cryptocurrency traders pride themselves in the dedication they give to the trade. To them, it is not just a mere hobby. It is their way of life. Crypto traders spend most of their time exploring crypto markets, testing new strategies, managing their portfolio, and placing well-thought-out trades. It sounds like a handful, but upon closer look, you’ll notice they rely on useful tools to do it all.

Crypto traders work from exchange platforms and trading terminals when trading. Exchanges are simple web-based platforms that support the exchange of one cryptocurrency for another. They have limited tools and resources to support full-on trading. Terminals, on the other hand, provide traders with more powerful tools that help them make profitable trades in a highly dynamic market. Today, we take you through Superorder; a feature-packed trading terminal that guarantees manageable and profitable trading.

What Is Superorder?

Superorder is an API-based terminal for trading cryptocurrencies. It is a comprehensive trading platform which presents users with a centralized place to perform their trades conveniently. The terminal combines the functionality of exchanges, trading bots, analytical systems, and portfolio trackers to present traders with the arsenal they need to master the market.

What Makes Superorder Special?

Trading terminals differ in their structure and functionality. Superorder stands out from the competition by providing a central, fully-automated platform. Automation plays a key role in market analysis. In retrospect, cryptocurrency trading is a wide venture with repetitive processes. Traders benefit from using terminals that aid in automating some of the resource-heavy processes for them.

Superorder tracks the volatile crypto market, notes the differences in the value of crypto coins, identifies trading opportunities, and with the help of strategies, trades on your behalf. Besides, it relies on your personal strategies to do this with minimum human supervision. As a result, traders can customize their habits and have Superorder trade for them even at odd hours of the night. You can read more about how automation benefits your trade here.

What Features Does Superorder Offer?

1. Access to Crypto Exchanges

Common cryptocurrency exchanges specialize in facilitating efficient exchange of one cryptocurrency coin for another. However, they only give traders access to one market. Professional traders differentiate their portfolio by trading across multiple exchange platforms. With Superorder, traders have access to four of the most common exchange platforms: Bittrex, Binance, BitMEX, and CEX.IO. The developers are currently working on adding support for other commonly used exchange platforms, including Coinbase.

2. Full Automation without Coding

The main feature of Superorder lies in the idea of strategy building. Users get access to visual editor in which they can drag and drop orders just like LEGO blocks. It’s pretty simple and convenient. When the strategy is ready, a trader can run it to make the terminal work. Superorder tracks active strategies, checks prices of the assets including in them, and executes orders once conditions are met. It’s all possible without coding at the user side.

3. Extra Orders

Orders refer to the executable instructions coded in trading strategies by automated cryptocurrency terminals. They guide trading platforms in knowing when to buy coins and when to sell them to realize profits. Superorder provides traders with extra orders from the ones commonly used by most terminals. These include:

  • Limit buy/sell orders
  • Market buy/sell orders
  • Limit stop loss orders
  • Limit take profit orders
  • Trailing stop orders

Apart from these actions, Superorder provides for conditionals. Tools like AND/OR Forks allow splitting strategies into several parts. Tech indicators like MACD and RSI help to base trading actions on more conditions.

4. Crypto Bots

Based on user-created strategies, Superorder bots automate everything even more. If a particular trader doesn’t want to spend time studying strategy building, he or she can rent an already designed, tested, and optimized strategy in the form of a bot.

Currently, Superorder offers three bots: for scalping, for short trading, and for long trading.

5. Portfolio Management

Your cryptocurrency portfolio tells the tale of how successful your trading has been. Professional traders that trade on multiple exchanges often have to visit each of the exchange sites, track their portfolio, and manage it on each of those exchanges. It is a tiresome and repetitive process that could cause discrepancies and inconsistency in simultaneous open options.

Superorder accesses and tracks your trading reflecting the assets’ price. You can then manage your portfolio from the terminal. The feature is especially important as you can view any open positions that may have grown too large. It also aids in helping traders identify any unnoticed losing trades that might cost them their portfolio.

Why Trade with Superorder?

The Superorder team constantly releases new features and updates that aim at improving the efficiency of cryptocurrency trading. Here is why you should make Superorder your number one trading terminal of choice.

  • Full Customization

Terminals fetch information from multiple exchanges and present them on one central platform. Beneficial as it is, not every trader needs all the information presented by the terminal. Superorder offers its users the option of customizing their experience and only having the information they need.

  • Referral Programs for Strategy Builders

Are you an expert in creating cryptocurrency trading strategies? Do you wish you could make some money from sharing it with other traders? Superorder got your back! Registered pro traders on Superorder stand to gain percentage from the invited users’ spending when other traders use the strategies.

  • Notify Action Algorithm

With terminals, automated trading happens independently. To see the results at the end of day trading, traders have to visit the terminal. Superorder offers a more efficient way of knowing how your trading strategy faired on. With the new Notify algorithm, traders can set an alert on their trading strategies. Once a trade is triggered by the right parameters, you receive a reminder text on your linked email or a pushover application. Click here to know how to set up a notify action for your strategy.

  • Free Subscription

While Superorder has professional plans and even custom-based sets of features, all the tasty tools are available for free. Surely, the most basic subscription has its limitations referred to lower trading volume. But it still allows users to create strategies, automate them, and rest while the terminal trades on their behalf.

Final thoughts

Superorder delivers the best crypto trading features on one platform. Even with the free plan, you get access to full automation trading with analytical charts and portfolio management. It is an offer you ought to consider.

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